Wholesale Voice TBFR


What is wholesale voice?

Wholesale Voice service is a high capacity phone service consisting of a significant  voice circuit or various circuits. … Wholesale Voice service is also recognized as Wholesale  VOIP, Wholesale DID, Wholesale Long Distance, Wholesale Minutes, Wholesale Origination, Carrier Voice, and Wholesale Termination.

  • AMS System allows transportation from voice traffic on every set, also mobile systems within Poland & abroad.
  • Us do interconnection details about the contact; instead, we do this free Internet. That joint force does base about VoIP (SIP) technology about TDM (SS7), also technology that does encryption based upon IP sec channel about by VPN.

How does Wholesale Voice Carrier Helps?

In carrier via carrier also this help from the transit from voice traffic, we give products tailored on that essential character flat rate, which enables planning this service following our partner’s expectations.

Us offers that combo class also rate by our partner’s expectations. Our method enables us to take this optimal style from the direction, i.e., to get these most excellent points at a rate means adequate to our customer.


Inside this example about the service, traffic does send on associates that guarantee that most critical characteristic parameters from assistance (ASR also ACD, not FAS) even by some guarantee from CLI, roaming, also giving faxes.

Us become long-standing expertise inside this business from an interconnection agreement. Also, our suggestion means full, aggressive, following appropriate measures.

Our professional also marketing companies do professionally.

Us monitor network and quality parameters (ASR and ACD) and availability from sources into real-time.

Our NOC (Network Operation Center) means open 24/7/365