VoIP Softswitch Api Apis

How do you make it easy to access the services and products you need to run your VoIP business? How can ITSPs offer seamless, cohesive VoIP services to customers and resellers?

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, can help in many ways.

VoIP Softswitch Api, An API is simply an interface that connects data from one company to another. It relates that data to an interface of another company. This is an example of a website that allows you to see information about flights and hotels from multiple providers in one search query and then perform transactions using a front-end interface. Your ITSP business relies on a carefully planned mix of products from different providers. This includes DIDs (phone numbers), taxation solutions, and emergency services like E911, to name a few. You can also use APIs to offer additional services, such as Mobile Top Up.

This allows you and your resellers to sell prepaid airtime to mobile users served by hundreds upon hundreds of mobile operators worldwide. Twiching General Trading’s cloud-based Softswitch platform features APIs that integrate many industry-leading providers to support your VoIP business growth. You can integrate phone numbers from all over the country and around the globe using APIs that connect to more than a dozen DID providers. Your resellers and you can allow users to choose their numbers from the DID providers’ inventory. You don’t have to buy and pay for DIDs until customers do.

Twiching General Trading allows you to use as many providers for VoIP Termination and DIDs

Twiching General Trading also has a partnership with many providers of emergency services. These third-party providers can help to provide the services you need. Our cloud-based platform integrates multiple SMS providers, so you can offer two-way text communication (for example, from our mobile softphone app) and useful utility functions like billing notifications and password resets.

White-label Mobile Top-Up gives you and your resellers access to Ding, DT One, and Prepay Nation via a single, brandable interface. Twiching General Trading allows you to sell Mobile Top-Up online and in retail shops. We have integrated CCH SureTax and Avalara to provide taxation solutions all around the globe.

We can also refer you to providers of Voicemail Transcription and other services.

Twiching General Trading has been a vital partner in helping your VoIP business grow since 2002

Twiching General Trading not only integrates APIs for other providers but also offers our own hosted solutions via API. This allows you to integrate our platform as your back-end for your services via a front-end web interface.

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