VoIP Call Quality Myths

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When most people used wired landline phones in the past, call quality was excellent, and dropped calls were rare. However, as VoIP and wireless usage became more common, end users became more used to dropping calls and dialing back. The tagline for a U.S.-based wireless carrier asked, “Can you hear us now?” to highlight the importance of quality call quality and that not all calls can rely on for satisfactory customer experiences. Poor call quality, low answer-seizure rates (ASR), average call durations, or post dialing delays can lead to customer dissatisfaction and higher customer churn for voice services.

Features of VoIP calls

GlobalData, a research firm, notes that wholesale carriers are under increasing pressure to offer new services. Voice services are still crucial for providers such as telcos and ISPs. They can also be the entry point to enhanced service offerings. However, wholesale carriers must also be able to service a broader range of customers beyond traditional airlines.

Legacy telco providers might have their networks. However, traditional carriers, OTTs, and MVNOs can choose to white-label or outsource a delivery system. Hosted models can access via an innovative portal that allows ordering, purchasing, termination, and other functions. A high-quality wholesale platform offers access to multiple operator product lines with different quality parameters and subscription plans, direct routes to operator networks, and traffic transparency through advanced reporting.

The average call duration is a quality indicator

The average call duration is a quality indicator and measures the number of answered calls. It also indicates whether there are no dropped or abandoned calls due to echo, delay, multiple handoffs, network congestion, or jitter. This is the average duration of all answer calls divided by the number of answers. A CD of between four and five minutes can also consider moderate. Anything above six minutes is deemed to be excellent. Latency is the time between transmitting a voice packet and reaching its destination.

It is essential to check the quality assurance of participating carriers when you are looking for a wholesale provider of hosted voice services or a platform for trading, settlement, and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice services. BridgeVoice’s Pluto is one option. It allows you to buy, sell, and trade high-end wholesale VoIP routes and termination services.