SIP Trunking

The Easy Way To Move Your PBX To The Cloud

There are many SIP trunking providers. Twiching General Trading’s business VoIP network is designed for reliability. No new equipment is required.
SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking

What Is A SIP trunk, And How Does It Work?

SIP trunks allow voice connectivity to the phone network using only an internet connection. SIP trunks are based on the Session Initiation Protocol and can handle high volumes of outbound and inbound calls using a Private Branch Exchange server (PBX).

Why Go With SIP Trunking?

Scalable voice

As you grow, add channels, trunks, and DIDs easily.

Cloud redundancy

You can have superior call reliability with eight U.S. data centers.

Flexible pricing

SIP trunk pricing saves you money on a business voice

SIP Trunking Allows You To Get More Out Of Your PBX

Easy setup of PSTN connectivity for carriers. It’s easy to set up. No code required

Online management

A web-based admin portal lets you manage your credentials, direct dial numbers, and other information. Goodbye, terminal.

Fraud mitigation

If we detect unusual call activity, we’ll notify you. Then, you can stop fraud and abuse in just a few clicks.

Enhanced 911 (E911)

Turnkey E911 functionality ensures users are safe. Public safety operators can use this feature to locate themselves physically.

Automatic failover

No problem if your PBX goes down. Cloud connectivity allows you to make direct calls from another location.

Call logs

Do you need to search call detail records? Administrators can access CDRs quickly and securely.

Quick setup

SIP trunks are ready-to-use and can be deployed the same day without coding.

In just four steps, you can start using SIP trunks.

Get a personalized quote.

Get a custom quote for SIP trunk pricing. No problem, even if you are starting. All taxes and fees are included in your section.

Find out your compatibility.

Our SIP trunking solution is compatible with many popular IP PBX systems. We will confirm that your hardware is consistent with our service.

Port numbers can be selected

We will gather all your information, including additional phone numbers (DIDs) and toll-free numbers. We’ll support you at every stage.

Establish PBX connectivity.

Your credentials will be sent to you so that you can manage your SIP service. You can then start placing calls by using our SIP trunking infrastructure.

Twiching General Trading is your last SIP trunk provider.

IT professionals prefer Twiching General Trading to other SIP trunking


It is not easy to change voice providers. However, we will work with you to make porting a success.

Reliability and uptime

Last year, we connected more than 1 billion calls. Our VoIP network is the most reliable in the industry.

Excellent call quality

Redundant SIP servers provide you with Low-latency voice connectivity that supports multiple call routes.

Setup is easy

You can copy the standards-compliant credentials into your PBX, and that’s it.