Retail Wholesale VoIP Carrier

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Twiching General Trading Group assists telecom operators and carriers in providing global coverage for their customers. To provide multi-service offerings, the company has exclusive traffic agreements with MNOs and MVNOs. Our A-Z Voice Termination Services are available around the globe. Our team of experts persistently works towards closing the gap between our customers’ expectations and the actual service they receive.

To ensure that VoIP carriers connected via bilateral or unilateral agreements receive the best quality wholesale carrier services, we monitor traffic to our wholesale ring.

Wholesale voice

Twiching General Trading Group, a pioneer in wholesale voice services, has many decades of experience and footprints worldwide. We know that customers need reliable, flexible, and responsive technical support to maintain their systems and provide high-quality services for their clients. Our qualified and certified engineers are available to address any technical problems that our customers may have. We also offer quality assurance, alert systems, and real-time monitoring.

Our goal is to provide personalized support throughout the customer’s entire lifecycle. Each customer is assigned a personal company manager to help them negotiate and meet all their needs as soon as possible. In addition, they make every effort to establish relationships with customers and provide highly personal communication channels to address and resolve any issues.

Retail voice

Twiching General Trading Group, a worldwide pioneer for discount and retail VoIP call end administrations, exchanges under BridgeVoice. We have fostered an Automated Carrier Platform to serve telecom administrators, specialist organizations, and transporters because of our broad experience and profound mastery in the media communications area.

BridgeVoice gives an internet-based stage called “BridgeVoice Pluto” to settle and exchange discount interconnect voice administration administrations. This discount VoIP stage is an all-inclusive resource for VoIP administrations. It permits transporters to associate with different organization suppliers, allowing them to satisfy their ability needs with quality affirmation. It additionally improves worldwide calling. Moreover, our discount voice end-stage gives speedy compensation administrations to our sellers, and settlement choices are given to their items. This stage offers MNOs, Tier 1 transporters, calling card organizations, and specialist co-ops effective organization of the board and boosted overt network repetitiveness. It likewise gives a quality-based directing system and cutthroat valuing.