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Twiching General Trading Offers Wholesale Voice, DIDs, SMS, Top-Up, Calling Cards, and VoIP Routes

Twiching General Trading offers wholesale voice Wholesale VoIP, Calling Cards and International top-up Broadband and Mobile Telephony are two of the most recent and emerging trends in the telecom industry. Both offer real benefits to business owners and their clients, and companies that offer these services often take the opportunity to consider offering their services in the form of a Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP).

The first of the two is digital calling. Digital calling can be used for inbound and outbound calls, as well as for multiple extensions. To offer digital calling services, the company offers a telephony service that offers the ability to connect a client’s phone number with any telecommunications service provider.

Wholesale Voice

DID Number

SMS Service

Calling Cards

International Top-Up

VoIP Routes

The second part of offering a telecom service provider is offering VoIP services. VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. This service allows businesses to make voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line. Like calling cards, the service provides a “calling card”digital calling card”. The card can be used to make a single call or as many as desired. An option is that can be purchased that allows up to three-way calling between the client and the provider.

Telephony also can include text messaging. Companies that offer text messaging capabilities to use the data from mobile phones to send and receive text messages and can be used to provide more advanced features to callers.

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