How To Choose Business VoIP Phone Service

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Even though the internet is ubiquitous, 62 percent of people prefer to call a business for assistance. Therefore, offering phone support is essential, even if your business begins. Cold calling is also possible with your business phone system. VoIP systems are here to save the day. Small businesses can reap the benefits of cloud phone systems, such as cost savings, improved accessibility, and advanced features.

How do you select the best business VoIP phone service? Before you invest your money, what should you look out for?

This will depend on your business’s specific requirements. However, we have listed steps that can help you choose the best business VoIP telephone service for your company in 2021. Let’s get started!

1 ) Decide the features you need

It is essential to think about the features you require for your daily communications when choosing a VoIP business phone service. It will be easier to narrow down the best VoIP providers for your small business by creating a list.

Here are the essential features you should look for in a VoIP business phone service.

A ) Interactive Voice Responses (IVR).

It directs callers to the appropriate department or agent, decreasing call transfer time and improving customer experience.

  i). Call transfer

Even with IVR, a caller might reach the wrong department due to an incorrect entry in IVR, or they may want to speak to a senior person. This problem can be solved by calling the transfer

  ii). Call conference

You might find it necessary to collaborate with your small business owners regularly. You can do this by using call conferencing.

  iii). Call recording

When it comes to customer service, it is essential to assess your team’s performance. You can record calls and listen to them to determine what you can do to improve your service.

Announcement of working hours

You will likely not have a staff that is available 24/7 for a small business. VoIP systems enable you to define your working hours and notify customers about your availability.

2 ) Compare Plans from Different Providers

There are many affordable VoIP phone providers for businesses. It is essential to compare their plans and what features they offer. This will allow you to save money and make the most of your investment.

Check the call costs per minute for your region and country and the subscription price. When comparing plans, there are other things you should consider:

  • If applicable, one-time setup fees
  • Add a new user at a cost
  • Add-on features
  • What kind of customer support will you get with your plan?

3 ) Read Testimonials and Reviews

You’ve probably already shortlisted a few VoIP phone service providers for business. Now it’s time for you to listen to what they say.

Start by looking at the testimonials and reviews on the provider’s site. You can also check what other people say about VoIP providers on third-party sites like G2, Capterra, and Software Advice.

This will help you understand the pros and cons of each provider to choose the best one for you.

4 ) Third-Party Integrations

You probably use multiple tools within your company, whether CRM or email marketing. Therefore, it is essential to check if your VoIP system can integrate with these tools. This will help you save time and avoid entering details manually.

All customer interactions will be automatically recorded when a VoIP system is integrated with the CRM. The details can be used to send personalized emails to enhance customer experience, all without switching between tools.

It would help if you also considered how it would integrate with other tools you may use. This will prevent you from changing your VoIP provider when your business grows.

5 ) Verify the Security of VoIP Providers

VoIP is susceptible to hacking because it runs over the internet. As a result, cloud solution providers employ multiple layers of security to protect customers’ data and prevent hackers.

You could lose your business communications to cybercriminals if you choose a VoIP provider with poor security and privacy history.

Twiching General Trading, for example, uses secure protocols and encryption to protect your cloud data.

Ask if they comply with regional compliance rules to avoid being fined by the government.

6 ) Sign up for a free trial

To get a better understanding, sign up for a free trial. The free trial will allow you to determine if the VoIP system is right for your business. You can review everything, from the user interface to support features, without committing to anything.

Not all VoIP phone services offer a free trial. Instead, they might provide demos with money-back guarantees to help you better understand their product.

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