T-38 Right For Your Business

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Although faxing might seem obsolete, many business processes still require fax transmissions. As a result, businesses keep their landlines secure in fear of losing the ability to send and get faxes to the cloud.

Faxing via an IP network is possible, and faxing is a reliable alternative to legacy. This blog post will provide an overview of current faxing practices and options available to businesses so they can transition into the “modern” world.

Faxing is difficult in modern times. We won’t sugarcoat it. So it should be with the advancements in digital communication tools and collaboration tools. However, individuals will often try multiple times to send faxes, hoping that they get through because digital transmissions (e.g., via a VoIP connection) send communications (e.g., Voice, media, and text are all sent in tiny data packets. While a lost package in a VoIP call might not be noticed, it is essential to remember that a missing box can result in lost fax. Each data packet is an individual piece of the puzzle. The transmission stops, and the fax can’t be completed without all the details.

Benefits of T-38

T-38 is a protocol that allows faxes to be sent over a computer data network. T-38 is simply a set of rules that will enable faxes over a computer network and is simple to understand. The protocol is required to transmit fax data over a VoIP network. T.38 has a bad reputation as it can fail to transmit fax data over a VoIP network. if it is not implemented correctly. However, when T.38 is set up correctly, the interaction is smooth and secure, which results in successful faxes.

Important to remember that faxing over modern networks can be made more accessible by choosing a fluent communication provider in T38. Businesses hesitant about moving their communications to cloud computing should first select the right cloud telecom partner.

The provider is responsible for translating and shipping the faxes correctly and on time. Therefore, it is essential to work with a well-versed provider in technology. These are the three key elements businesses should look for in their providers to ensure the T-38 protocol will increase the reliability and continuity of business processes.

  • T-38 route quality. The routing options must be trusted and carrier-grade to ensure successful faxing. Twiching General Trading offers only high-quality routes that can reduce fax failures and guarantee timely data delivery.

  • Reliability of the network. Fax delivery is made possible by a reliable network connection. Twiching General Trading’s network is optimized to work with modern data networks. Highly-trained telecom engineers also support it.

  • Normalized signaling. It is vital to provide a standard signal to detect and correct incompatibilities between a sender of faxes and the receiver. It is essential to be able to quickly “catch and fix” any issues so that all packets are delivered as intended.

Twiching General Trading is well-versed in T-38. We are familiar with the protocol and how to implement it to securely and accurately transmit documents. In addition, our award-winning support team has helped more than 150 SIP providers over the past ten years. As a result, our support team is fully trained in all aspects of our network, PBX, call centers technologies, and T-38, as well as how to implement it successfully.

Modern faxing can be done, but it requires guidance from a current telco carrier.