DID Number

What Is A DID Number?

Direct Inward Dialing numbers (also known as SIP trunk numbers or virtual phone numbers) allow you to route calls to existing telephone lines. DID numbers can use to assign numbers to team members without having to have multiple telephone lines. These numbers are intelligent phone numbers that allow you to manage calls in the most efficient way possible. Businesses can use DID numbers to route customer calls.

DID Number

Why Does Your Business Need A DID Number?

It's easy to manage.

Based on customer inputs via an IVR, automatically redirect incoming calls to the appropriate agents. As a result, you no longer have to manage multiple phone numbers.

More Control

All calls are routed through a DID number (s), which is kept track of. This information can use to resolve customer disputes or confusion quickly.

Sound Competent

You will have a professional image for your company and a strong relationship with customers. All this without breaking the bank.

Daily Detail Analytics

You can optimize your results quickly with a DID number by keeping an eye on incoming calls, missed calls, customer conversations, and agent performance.

One Number for Business

All members of your team can connect to one number. There’s no need to lose customer information or try to manage multiple numbers.

Scale as you Grow

Scale as you need it without worrying about bandwidth. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls or channels.

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Superior reliability

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It's easy to put in place

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Scale at Ease

Expand at your own pace, without worrying about infrastructure

Best Support

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Extensive reporting

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