How to provide an Auto Attendant for Hosted PBX

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Your ITSP can gain a competitive edge by offering an Auto-Attendant to your HostedPBX users.

Your Hosted PBX customers will have access to an automated system of prompts that can be customized with touchtones. For example, your business customers can use features such as “Press 1 to Sales” and “Press 2 for Support” to better serve their callers.

Customers of small businesses are actively looking for VoIP service providers that can help them look bigger and make their business more professional in the marketplace. These capabilities are essential for large companies to handle large numbers of calls. Your customers will not leave your company if you offer an excellent telecom solution for them.

What other services can you offer in addition to your HostedPBX?

  • Directory of names to dial
  • Different Ringing
  • Intercom Dialing
  • Loud-Speaker Paging and P.A.
  • Door Access Controls
  • Voicemail to text transcription
  • Voicemail to Email

Twiching General Trading’s cloud-based Softswitch billing solution allows you to offer all of this and more

You and your resellers offer white label services to business customers that are packed with popular features such as call queues and hunt groups. Three-way calling and conference calls are also included.

Twiching General Trading allows your customers to set up a multi-language, highly customizable Auto-Attendant and other self-serve functions through our end-user portals. In addition, virtual Office allows your customers to customize their PBX system “in the cloud” without needing I.P. phones.

To serve mobile users on the go, you can add premium features such as a brandable Mobile Softphone (both Android and Apple iOS).

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